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Active Duty
Active Duty - Real military guys in action
At Active Duty, producer Dink Flamingo lives the dream as he films hot young soldiers, sailors and marines as they explore their sexual boundaries. Truth be told most of the boys don't take much convincing, they are super horny and a little cash is all it takes for them to give in to their curiosity. As you would expect all of the guys are in active service and although they can't wear their uniforms on camera they are most defiantly products of the military system. With trim and muscular bodies tuned to perfection these young men are sure to please. Hot young heroes fucking for your viewing pleasure, what more could you want?
Gay Porn Stars
Mike Martinez
Performer Name - Mike Martinez
Rating - 1,254 votes
Zack Hood
Performer Name - Zack Hood
Rating - 1,788 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Zack Hood
Krys Perez
Performer Name - Krys Perez
Rating - 1,953 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Krys Perez
Troy Michaels
Performer Name - Troy Michaels
Rating - 992 votes
Samson Stone
Performer Name - Samson Stone
Rating - 1,319 votes
Shane Erickson
Performer Name - Shane Erickson
Rating - 1,717 votes
Ari Silvio
Performer Name - Ari Silvio
Rating - 1,651 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Ari Silvio
Trenton Ducati
Performer Name - Trenton Ducati
Rating - 1,154 votes
Kurt Rogers
Performer Name - Kurt Rogers
Rating - 1,397 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Kurt Rogers
Jason Talon
Performer Name - Jason Talon
Rating - 1,289 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Jason Talon
Spencer Fox
Performer Name - Spencer Fox
Rating - 1,659 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Spencer Fox
Jake Lyons
Performer Name - Jake Lyons
Rating - 1,753 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Jake Lyons
Zeb Atlas
Performer Name - Zeb Atlas
Rating - 2,013 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Zeb Atlas
Vance Crawford
Performer Name - Vance Crawford
Rating - 1,659 votes
Tanner Thomas
Performer Name - Tanner Thomas
Rating - 1,453 votes
Mario Costa
Performer Name - Mario Costa
Rating - 1,781 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Mario Costa
Taylor Aims
Performer Name - Taylor Aims
Rating - 1,207 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Taylor Aims
Christian Mohr
Performer Name - Christian Mohr
Rating - 1,277 votes
Butch Grand
Performer Name - Butch Grand
Rating - 1,477 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Butch Grand
Matthew Ross
Performer Name - Matthew Ross
Rating - 6,725 votes
Philippe Delvaux
Performer Name - Philippe Delvaux
Rating - 1,739 votes
Phenix Saint
Performer Name - Phenix Saint
Rating - 2,167 votes
Marco Blaze
Performer Name - Marco Blaze
Rating - 1,544 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Marco Blaze
Blake Powell
Performer Name - Blake Powell
Rating - 1,879 votes
Josh Slyman
Performer Name - Josh Slyman
Rating - 893 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Josh Slyman
Wolfie Blue
Performer Name - Wolfie Blue
Rating - 1,907 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Wolfie Blue
Ben Brown
Performer Name - Ben Brown
Rating - 2,284 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Ben Brown
David West
Performer Name - David West
Rating - 1,235 votes
Free Videos - Videos of David West
Nick Spartan
Performer Name - Nick Spartan
Rating - 1,233 votes
Michael Dora
Performer Name - Michael Dora
Rating - 1,018 votes
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